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60 minut


‧ within 2 minutes, you will receive an SMS ticket

  • example SMS ticket
  • DPMCB, a.s.SMS 
  • full ticket Transfer 25 CZK
  • Validity:
  • From: date (ddmmrr) time hour:min
  • To: date (ddmmrr) time hour:min
  • HASH code/verification code

24 hodin


‧ within 2 minutes, you will receive an SMS ticket

  • example SMS ticket
  • DPMCB, a.s.SMS full ticket Transfer 70 Kč
  • Validity:
  • From: date (ddmmrr) time hour:min
  • To: date (ddmmrr) time hour:min
  • HASH code/check code

*SMS ticket price is 25 CZK or 70 CZK (+ SMS price according to the tariff of your operator).

If the passenger intends to purchase multiple SMS tickets from one mobile device (more persons), they must send the appropriate number of orders and then receive the same number of SMS tickets.


If an SMS ticket is deleted during its validity period, the passenger can obtain a Duplicate SMS ticket for a fee of 3 CZK. How to receive a duplicate of an already purchased SMS ticket:


Send the following text to 9000603 text:

  • in case of a duplicate 60-minute ticket: BUD

  • in case of a duplicate 24-hour ticket: BUD24

Within 2 minutes, the passenger will receive a duplicate SMS ticket.


An SMS ticket is invalid when…

  • its validity expired

  • it was not sent by a contractual service provider

  • it has been modified, rewritten or forwarded

  • if it is not possible to verify its validity for reasons on the part of the passenger

  • the passenger has ordered the SMS mobile ticket during the ticket inspection

  • the passenger has not met the conditions set for the use of the mobile Ticket given by the Tariff or the Contractual Terms of Transport, if the mobile Ticket is not found according to an assigned code during the ticket inspection


Admission to a vehicle with a mobile ticket

  • It is the duty of the passenger to board a vehicle with a valid SMS mobile ticket received on a mobile communication device prior to boarding


Ticket inspection

In order to verify the validity of an SMS mobile ticket, the passenger is required to communicate the verification code or to provide the authorised person with the mobile communication device from which the SMS mobile ticket has been purchased to verify all received data of this ticket. The passenger is obliged to provide all possible cooperation during the ticket inspection to check the validity of the SMS mobile ticket. The mobile communication device must be presented so that the necessary data can be clearly read from the device’s display.

If the passenger fails to comply with the conditions of an SMS mobile ticket and its inspection, if the SMS mobile ticket is not found on the basis of the assigned verification code, the passenger is considered to be a passenger without a valid travel document.



If an SMS ticket is not received or its delivery is delayed, please,  contact us on Customer Centre.

The passenger will be notified of the outcome of the complaint within the statutory time limit. According to Act No. 127/2005 on Electronic Communications, the complaint for the provided service can be claimed without undue delay, but no later than two months from the date of the defective service, otherwise the right to claim will cease to exist.