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Dopravní podnik města České Budějovice, a.s.
Novohradská 738/40
370 33 České Budějovice
registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in České Budějovice, Section B, Insert 868
ID No.: 25166115, Tax ID No.:CZ25166115
(hereinafter the “Operator”)

Goods: prepaid time tickets –coupons for using urban public transportation

Price:price of the goods is governed by the valid Fare Rate

Costs of delivery: not charged

Manner of payment: bank transfer or payment card

Account number for cashless payments: 43-9894130277 / 0100

Regulations related to the use of travel coupons ordered via the e-shop:


Customer Center, phone No.: 387719123, e-mail::
(hereinafter the “Customer Center”)


The act of accessing the e-shop of Dopravní podnik města České Budějovice, a.s. by the customer is considered to be the customer’s voluntary act. The customer shall be at least 18 years old and a citizen of the Czech Republic or a person who is staying on the territory of the Czech Republic legally. Should the customer decide to order goods via the e-shop, the customer becomes a participant of a trade relationship and is obliged to make himself/herself familiar with the Terms and Conditions of the internet shop, order and delivery conditions and the complaint rules.

The Operator shall not be held responsible for potential damage incurred by the customer as a result of the customer’s voluntary execution of the order or when the customer uses or manages the e-shop in an incorrect manner.

Via the e-shop, the prepaid time coupons may only be purchased in association with valid cards for travelling in the public transportation in České Budějovice which contain an electronic chip.

The electronic chip may be purchased by the customer at any pre-sale point of the transport company.The price of the electronic chip is governed by a valid Fare Rate..

The electronic chip purchased at a pre-sale point shall be placed in the form of a self-adhesive stamp on the customer’s card immediately after its purchase and then instantly activated by the personnel at the pre-sale point. The activation of this electronic chip only represents its data affiliation to the given customer’s card (holder’s card). The data on the chip only include details necessary for the identification of the card and the verification of the validity of the time ticket. The electronic chip does not contain any personal data of the holder.


Immediately after the application of the electronic chip to the card, the customer may purchase prepaid time coupons via the e-shop. (If the customer doesn’t use the e-shop, then he/she can purchase time coupons to the card in a printed form directly at the pre-sale points of the transport company.)


You many purchase the time coupons by using this link.



When you click at “I want to purchase a time coupon”, a guide shall activate in order to guide the customer through the entire process of the purchase step by step, i.e. from the moment of verifying the card through the selection of the coupon type to the summary and confirmation of the order and its payment.

Time coupons may be purchased in their full range and for prices in accordance with an updated valid Fare Rate.



The ordered coupons may be paid by a payment card or via a bank transfer.





Accessing the e-shop and personal data of the customer:

In order to be able to use the e-shop, the customer shall create a user account. The customer may sign in via the link of “Sign in” at the homepage of the e-shop. The customer’s consent to the processing and collecting the required personal data granted to the operator of the e-shop represents a condition of the signing in and using the e-shop. By signing in, completing and confirming the form with the required log-in data (first name, surname, address of residence, phone number, email address), the customer provides his/her consent to the processing and collecting the requested personal data.


The log-in data (and the customer’s profile) represent personal data and the Operator, i.e Dopravní podnik města České Budějovice, a.s., while operating the e-shop, is the processor and administrator of the customer’s personal data within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on personal data protection, as amended.

The customer’s personal data shall be kept in a secure informational system of the Operator of the e-shop for the duration of the customer’s registration for the purposes of executing trading activities via the e-shop, and for the purposes of protecting interests established in legislation and of fulfilling obligations imparted on the Operator of the e-shop by legislation. Only authorized employees of the Operator of the e-shop shall be able to access the personal data.

The Operator declares that all protected data are considered to be confidential and used only for the purposes specified above, they shall not be published or disclosed to a third party unless the customer is notified of it in advance, and they shall not be misused in any manner.

During the sign-in, the customer is only asked for absolutely necessary information in regard to the execution of trading activities via the e-shop.

The customer is entitled to withdraw his/her consent with the procession of his/her personal data, to demand their deletion or amendment (change or cancellation of the registration) in the form of sending a written request in regard to the deletion, or amendment and or change of his/her personal data via the Customer Center of the Operator.

By filling in all the mandatory data and sending them off, the sign-in is finished. To its provided email address, the customer shall receive a message which would ask him to finish the registration by clicking on the link in the text of the email.



By clicking the link “Guide through the purchase”, the order of the coupon may commence. The first step is the verification of the card. The verification shall be performed by inserting the number of the card, and the first name and surname of its holder. By clicking on the button “Verify the card”, the verification is performed, and in the case the card is valid and there is an electronic chip placed on it and activated, then the form of the order shall open.

The second step of the order is the selection of the coupon type (citizens, children, students, pensioners, ZTP holders). The e-shop only enables the customer to choose the coupon type to which the customer is entitled. In the case of a discounted fare, the customer shall provide the Operator in advance with a corresponding confirmation of the claim at a pre-sale point or otherwise the discounted coupon would not be available as an option (active) in the list.

The third step is the selection of the requested temporary validity of the coupon (length of the period of the coupon validity) by choosing one of the offered options.

The fourth step is the selection of the Fare Rate Zones in the urban public transportation in České Budějovice in which the desired coupon would be valid.



Thereupon, the fifth step of the order comes – the selection of the first date of validity of the ordered coupon. Prior to choosing the first date of the validity of the time coupon, the customer shall pay attention to significant data included in the box above the order which includes the information on the duration of validity of previous existing valid time coupons which had previously been purchased to the card. This information is included for the purposes of making sure that the validities of coupons don’t cross. The Operator recommends to the customer to pay appropriate attention to such information – later complaints shall not be acknowledged.

By selecting the time coupon and confirming the first day of validity of the given coupon, the period of the validity shall automatically appear. Moreover, the price of the ordered coupon shall appear as well. The prices are listed including the lower rate of the VAT.

Upon inspecting the request of the customer, the customer shall push the button “Put the order in the basket”, which adds the ordered item into the basket and makes it listed among the items in the basket. We recommend to review the order once again at that moment. The item may be modified, removed from the basket or more items may be added.

By pressing the link “Continue shopping”, a single registered customer may purchase time coupons for other cards with an electronic chip (e.g. parents may order coupons for their children). The procedure of ordering further coupons is the same as described above.

As soon as the request is completed, the customer shall proceed by clicking on the link “Go to the order”. The displayed list includes the basic invoicing data of the registered customer and the customer shall be offered to select a manner of payment. The customer may pay by payment card or via a bank transfer.



The manner of payment affects the closest possible beginning of the validity of purchased coupons. The e-shop gives the customer an option of paying via a bank transfer or by bank cards VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard a Maestro. (Some banks issue the so-called virtual cards whose sole purpose are purchases over the internet. Contact your bank for information about possibilities of paying over the internet with your payment card).

Payment via a bank transfer

When paying via a bank transfer, it is necessary to select the first day of validity of the coupon not sooner than the fifth calendar day from the date of placing the order. It is impossible to choose an earlier date of validity of the coupon when paying via a bank transfer. The payment shall be performed no later than 10 days upon placing the order. If the payment is not credited to the Operator’s account, the order will be cancelled.

The payment of the given amount shall be carried out in accordance with invoice data included in the confirmation of the order which shall be received by the customer by e-mail. As soon as the amount is credited to the Operator’s account, an automated e-mail message shall be generated which would confirm the ACTIVATION of the coupon.

Payment by payment card

When paying by a payment card, the activation of the purchased time coupon commences on the moment of successfully exercising the payment. The payment by payment card is carried out via a secure interface by filling the requested data. The payment of the coupon is confirmed to the customer by an e-mail message: COUPON ACTIVATED.



Upon choosing the manner of payment, it is necessary to click on the button “Summary”. The following list includes the information on confirmation of the order and all the necessary data – i.e. number of the order, date of the purchase, manner of the payment, price, state of the order and information on the coupon activation. When paying via a bank transfer, the sign of “Activation in process” is showed until the moment the amount is credited to the Operator’s accoun

Moreover, a message confirming the placed order shall be sent to the customer’s address.


The customer shall receive an e-mail message confirming the realization of the order which further confirms the ACTIVATION of the ordered time coupon.

WARNING: The time coupon is only activated (valid) upon the confirmation of its activation via an e-mail to the address of the customer. The state of the activation may also be verified via the e-shop by logging in to the user’s account by the customer.

If the activation is not confirmed, the ordered coupon is not considered to be a valid transportation coupon under the valid Fare Rate.

If the coupon is not activated even though the order had been properly paid for, the passenger is entitled to file a complaint via the Customer Center of the Operator.

The e-shop enables the customer to view details and the relevant tax document (invoice) in regard to each order, which may also be printed or saved in the PDF format.


The Operator of the e-shop shall be held responsible for defects in the electronic chip under generally binding legislation. Only a defect which affects the chip’s functionality is considered to be a defect of the electronic chip.

Conditions of exercising the right to file a complaint

The customer is entitled to file a complaint in regard to an electronic chip during the entire validity period for which the chip in the card had been issued.

Manner of exercising the right to file a complaint

Any defects of the electronic chip shall be claimed by the customer against the Operator via the Customer Center of the Operator. When exercising the right to file a complaint, the customer is obliged to submit the electronic chip to which the complaint is related. If the complaint is reasonable, the customer is entitled to receive a replacement electronic chip.

No replacement chips shall be issued for lost, stolen or damaged cards with electronic chips. However, the customer is entitled to request a duplicate of the card in writing. The procedure of the issuance of such duplicate shall be governed by the valid Fare Rate.

Any potential complaints in regard to individual transactions performed via the e-shop shall be claimed in the form of a written complaint of the customer via the Customer Center of the Operator. When submitting such a complaint, the customer shall include the number of the order specified in the statement on given transaction and describe the reason for the complaint.


The withdrawal from an agreement shall be governed by relevant provisions of Act No. 40/1964 Coll., Civil Code, as amended.

The Operator may purchase goods not yet used or prepaid time coupons used only partly and purchased via the e-shop from the customer, namely on the basis of a written request of the customer and under the conditions specified in the Fare Rate.


Unless these Terms and Conditions provide otherwise, the communication between the customer and the Operator of the e-shop shall be performed via electronic post, phone calls, contact address of the supplier or in person via the Customer Center.

These Terms and Conditions shall be binding for both the Operator and the customer.

The Operator reserves its right to modify these Terms and Conditions. The modified Terms and Conditions shall then be published on the following website in an appropriate manner: