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A new vehicle washing centre in Novohradská street – at the premises of the bus depot, two modern vehicle washing centres have been built.

Brush washing of buses, lorries and vans

We offer state-of-the-art, gentle technology for your vehicle- whether it is a tractor with a trailer, a solo lorry, a lorry with a tow, a bus or a van..

Pricelist of washing – lorries, trucks, buses, large vans

Program I.
Brush washing (shampoo + wax)
Manual prewashing - - surcharge (active chemicals)
Van 200 150
Bus up to 12m 350 150
Bus over 12m 700 150
Solo lorry 350 150
Tractor + trailer 700 150
Lorry with a tow 700 150

 Prices in CZK incl. VAT

Dimensions, technology and washing procedure

The installed Istobal PK 200 brush vehicle wash is an automatically controlled, self-propelled portal wash designed for buses, lorries and vans with a maximum width of 270cm and a height of 450cm. In the case of manual pre-washing, a chemical solution is applied manually to remove the frozen dirt and insects from the front mask, glass, bumpers, wheels and chassis or covers. During the washing process, the vehicle is washed with shampoo both on the way forward and back. On the next pass, wax is applied and rinsed with water. Areas that are not washed by brushes are handled by the vehicle wash operator manually. The electronically controlled roof brush manages also irregular body shapes. Safety function prevents the vehicle wash from going behind the roof spoiler.


Brush washing of passenger cars

A Kärcher CB 1 automatic portal vehicle wash has been installed to wash cars and small vans with height of up to 2.3 m.

Pricelist of washing – passenger cars, small vans

Brush washing with shampoo Wheels washing Wax and rinsing with clean water

Brush washing with shampoo Wheels washing Wax and rinsing with clean water

2x drying

Prewashing with active foam Brush washing with shampoo Wheels washing Wax and rinsing with clean water

2x drying

79 89 109

 Prices in CZK incl. VAT.

Opening hours of the vehicle wash

The vehicle wash is in continuous operation, it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The vehicle wash at the premises of our trolleybus depot, Horní 22, České Budějovice, is also in operation!

Ikona info
For more information and placing orders, please use the contacts below:

Středisko - vozovna autobusů (Bus depot centre), Novohradská 738/40, České Budějovice:
telefon: 387 719 141, 387 719 142, 736 510 925, 736 510 907
e- mail:


Středisko - vozovna trolejbusů (Trolleybus depot centre), Horní 22, České Budějovice:
telefon: 387 719 216