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The current public transport in České Budějovice is provided by buses and trolleybuses on the total of 22 routes..


53 vehicles move off to 8 trolleybus routes in full operation during working days. Traction lines supply of the trolleybus network with direct-current of the voltage of 750 V is provided with 4 converter stations remote-controlled from the energy operations control of the Transport Company. The total installed output of converter stations is 6,400 kW. Trolley lines achieve the length of 72 kilometers in terms of single-track, including manipulation sections. The trolley network includes total 156 switches. Total 152 km of power supply cables are placed in the ground. There are maintained in the depot 25 articulated trolleybuses of ŠKODA 15Tr(M) type, 31 low-floor articulated trolleybuses Škoda 25Tr Irisbus and 2 low-floor articulated trolleybuses Škoda 27Tr Solaris..


The buses provide transport on 14 routes. During working days, 55 vehicle move off to the streets. Bus routes go to 16 suburban municipalities and two towns (Rudolfov and Hluboká nad Vltavou) which are classified to the external tariff zones. The bus fleet includes the following types:

  • 9 buses Karosa B 731, B732 and B 931
  • 21 low-floor vehicles Karosa Renault
  • Citybus 13 Articulated buses Karosa B 741 and 941
  • 6 low-floor buses Solaris Urbino 12/15
  • 12 Low-floor Buses Iveco Citelis 12
  • 19 low-floor articulated buses Iveco Citelis 18
  • 5 buses Irisbus Iveco Crossway LE City

VThe MHD vehicles run in České Budějovice about 6 million kilometers and transport about 39 million passengers per one year..


Board of Directors

  • Ing. Miloslav Procházka, CSc. (Chairman)
  • Ing. Slavoj Dolejš (Deputy Chairman)
  • Jaroslav Berka
  • Ing. Josef Bína
  • Hynek Falta, MSc., MBA
  • Ing. Martin Stašek
  • Ing. Ivan Tekel

Supervisory Board

  • Mgr. Ondřej Flaška (Chairman)
  • Ing. Karel Mach (Deputy Chairman)
  • Jaroslav Vojč
  • Miloslav Madaras
  • Bohuslav Toráč
  • Petr Kolář
  • Michal Šebek
  • Ing. Jiří Čejka, Ph.D.
  • Ing. Eliška Richtrová
  • Ing. Petr Novotný
  • Jan Michl